Fashion Design

Fashion Design
Posted on 03/24/2022
Mannequin ProjectThe West Essex High School Fashion Students have been busy! Teacher Tracey Salvatore has students designing and executing some very creative ideas!

Fashion 1 has been exploring environmental issues through the lens of fashion. The process began with discovering the makers of Barbie have partnered with the company 4 Ocean, in order to create future Barbie dolls out of the plastic gathered from the world’s oceans and beaches. With this in mind, the fashion students were challenged to come up with an outfit for Barbie made from recycled objects with a current real world issue as a theme. They also had to find an actual group to “partner with”  that is committed to working on that issue. 

The next step of discovering more about how the Fashion industry has been responsible for much of the waste and environmental issues we live with, was to take on the Upcycle Challenge. In the process of creating outfits completely out of garbage, students were challenged to think about the future and about being informed consumers of fashion. The classes involved in the challenge created outfits and personas based on the Four Elements…fire, air, earth, and water. The results were out of this world!

Fashion 2 Mannequin Project began with each student choosing a theme, concept, or historical style to design an entire display, mannequin, and mannequin head around. Students began by researching their concepts, considering their target audience, placement of the displays, and how the design elements would be used to illustrate their ideas. The display in the Library includes their final fashion drawing called a Croquis, the mannequin head styling, and their background information. The class did an outstanding job!