Valedictorian and Salutatorian

Valedictorian and Salutatorian
Posted on 04/05/2019
Valedictorian, Teddy Press & Salutatorian, Julia Parzecki

West Essex High School is very proud to announce the Class of 2019 Valedictorian Theodore Press and Salutatorian Julia Parzecki!  Congratulations to these two amazing students.

Teddy Press lives in North Caldwell.  How did he get to be Valedictorian you may ask? Well, I had the pleasure of speaking with this very well-rounded young man and this is what I learned:  Teddy is currently taking 7 Ap classes. He also took 7 AP Classes last year but he concentrates on the areas that interest him and doesn’t take AP just to add another AP Class to his schedule. He spends about 31/2 to 4 hours a day doing homework but gives himself a break on the weekends. He generally does not do homework on Fridays and Saturdays and tries to balance his school work by having fun time with family and friends. Some of the things he enjoys are skiing, attending concerts and shows, and playing tennis and golf with friends and family.

In addition to his heavy course load Teddy is also active in many extracurricular activities at West Essex. He is an active member of the Men’s a cappella group, “No Girls Aloud”, the Masquers theatre group,and the fencing team. He serves as the Captain of Quiz Bowl, President of the English National Honor Society, President of RHO Kappa, and he is editor in Chief of The Literary Roundtable!  Teddy is also an Eagle Scout but he says he doesn’t let himself burn out. Some of his extracurriculars are seasonal which is why he is able to do so many things.

What does the future hold for him?  As of yet he is undecided as to which college he will attend but he can say that it will not be in New Jersey. While he is still waiting to hear from a few schools he says he did NOT apply to any in New Jersey.  What Teddy is looking for in a college is a diverse college with a campus vibe that also has good opportunities for internships. He would like to continue performing as a hobby in college and would like to study in the areas of STEM and/or Humanities.

Teddy loves the vibe here at West Essex. He said he had the opportunity to attend private high school but chose West Essex because he likes the culture here.  He loves that he had so many opportunities here like fencing and theatre that he may not have had elsewhere. He also likes the teachers here at West Essex. His favorites are Ms. Barros and Dr. D’Meo because they challenge him academically but also provide the support needed for success. His favorite classes this year are chemistry and art history.  He will be doing his senior service project right here on campus, compiling the Roundtable literary magazine for its release in June.

Teddy is very grateful that all of his hard work has paid off and he will now have the opportunity to address his fellow classmates, as their valedictorian,at graduation.  

Fairfield resident, Julia Parzecki, is this year’s Salutatorian. Her success, as a student, is due to her hard work and dedication to her academics and extracurricular activities.  Julia loves math and science and describes herself as “environmentally concerned”. Julia is currently taking 5 AP courses. She typically spends 2 to 3 hours a day on homework but much more if she has a test.  Her favorite class is AP Art. She really enjoys painting and using color pencils.

In addition to her rigorous academic schedule, Julia is a member of The National Honor Society, The Art Honor Society, Treasurer of the National English Honor Society, She is an officer in the Math League and is a member of the Spanish Club.  Julia is a part of the West Essex Volleyball team. Most importantly, Julia served as a Peer Leader for freshmen at West Essex this year. She found this program very rewarding and feels lucky that she was able to be involved in the program in its first year here.  She says she tried a lot of different clubs and activities but then focused on the ones that she was passionate about. Even with all she does within West Essex High School, Julia still finds time to volunteer with The Environmental Center in Roseland and with The Red Cross.

In her spare time (yes, she has some!) she enjoys drawing, painting, hanging out with her friends and family, and playing volleyball. Julia has spent her summers working as a camp counselor with the Fairfield Recreation Department.

Julia is undecided on which college she will attend. She is still waiting on a few but her top 3 choices are Rutgers, Lehigh, and Bucknell.She is planning on majoring in chemical engineering because it is a broad major with many career options.

Julia’s senior service weeks will be spent working on the class mural in the high school.