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Posted on 08/29/2019
Ms. Caroline Blanchard with Rev. Wheeler Parker

Teachers often take the summer as learning opportunities to enhance their teaching in the classroom.  This summer Ms. Caroline Blanchard was awarded a grant, through the National Endowment for the Humanities, to study the culture in the South.  Specifically, Ms. Blanchard traveled to the Mississippi Delta to learn about the culture of that region and its impact on the United States as a whole.  There was a professor with the program as well as guest lectures including art, religion, and culture professors, musicians, doctors, and Civil Rights Activists.  She was able to meet a Freedom Rider, see the birthplace of the Blues, and sit in the courtroom where the murderers of Emmett Till were acquitted. Pictured at the top of the page is Ms. Blanchard with Reverend Whelan Parker. Reverend Parker is Emmett Till's cousin and witnessed his kidnapping. Ms. Blanchard talks about this life changing experience in a video from the program available here.

Ms. Blanchard at Bryant's Grocery
Mr. Blanchard visits the grocery store where Emmett Till was accused of flirting with the white shopkeeper.

Caroline Blanchard with Charles McLaurin

Ms. Blanchard poses with Mr. Charles McLaren who was the field secretary for Sunflour Country for the SNCC, created "Freedom Summer", and helped found the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party.