Professor Wilson

MSU Professor
Posted on 03/11/2020
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On Friday, March 6th Associate Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences at MSU came to West Essex High School to speak with students in both US History I can English Classes.
Students at West Essex have been using the 1619 project  as a resource this year in further learning about the contributions by Africans and this period of history.
Professor Wilson gave students a presentation on how to question and investigate books written in addition to "textbook" history to uncover interesting stories that tell the real history.  
His presentation focused on Africans and Slavery in New Jersey history which predates the 1600's to the 1500;s with the Dutch Swedes bringing slavery and Africans to New Jersey. 
Professor Wilson shared interesting historical facts with students, for example, Africans traveled with Christopher Columbus to the New World such as his navigator Pedro Alonso the Navigator of the Santa Maria was African. 
He also shared that NJ Route 1 was part of the Underground Railroad and there were many safe houses in New Jersey and Laws in NJ in the 1800's changed the status of African slaves but Slavery was not fully abolished in New Jersey until the Civil War

Professor Wilson is picture here with Supervisor, Laura Drago and Social Studies teacher, Louis Ferrara