Peer Leaders update

Peer Mentoring Program
Posted on 12/14/2018
Peer groups at holiday lunchOn Thursday, December 13th, Peer Leaders invited all freshmen to a Holiday Party during lunch. Freshmen and their Peer Leaders ate lunch together in the gym.  Leaders prepared festive activities, such as cookie decorating, to participate in with their freshmen small groups while they ate lunch, mingled, and indulged in holiday treats. 

Since the start of school, Peer Leaders have continued to meet with their Freshmen during lunch for small group meetings to check in, connect, and provide support. In October, leaders lead outreach programs on the topic of social media use.  During the month of November, each group discussed the topic of gratitude and decorated Holiday cards for various members of our community. Each group picked a different group to send cards to. Some of the groups chosen: custodial staff, firefighters, first aid squad, policemen, military, hospitals, and community living centers.

According to Peer adviser, Ms. Toni-Anne Cavallo, during January, leaders will strive to help Freshmen get ready for and prepare for their first experience with midterms at the high school.