Italian Class Trip

Italian 4 Students class tripp
Posted on 04/01/2019
Italian 4 Students at Cornell Tech
  The Italian American Committee on Education, together with Ferrero Rocher, Inc., designed an Interdisciplinary Class trip for Miss Pivetta's students of Italian 4, at Cornell Tech in NYC.  The program began with a brief lecture of the importance of technology in order to better people's lives, in particular, those with disabilities.  They were able to observe objects produced from the 3D printer in real time.  The students were then led to the Tata Innovation Center, where they were greeted by scientists and engineers who work for the Italian Company, Ferrero Rocher, which has one of its research facilities at Cornell Tech.  Students learned the science behind the packaging, in addition to the creative solutions to maintaining the integrity of the product when sold in countries with very hot climates, such as Mexico and India.  Additionally, students participated in taste tests, and were able to detect which samples were indeed Nutella.  Forty percent of the world's hazelnut production is owned by Ferraro Rocher, which makes the recipe and quality of Nutella superior to other brands.  At the conclusion of each demonstration, students were given a quiz.  Julia Gesell, who is planning to become an engineer in the future, scored a perfect grade, and won a personalized gift from the company.  At the end, students were given a Ferraro Bag filled with all types of Ferraro candy, including Tic Tacs and DUPLO, which is yet to be sold in the United States!  To end the day, Miss Pivetta led the students to the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park, which is a memorial to FDR and adjacent to the historic Smallpox Hospital in NYC at the southernmost point of Roosevelt Island with a breathtaking view of Manhattan.

Guliana Calix at white board
Learning at Cornell Tech
Rocher research facility chocolate samples