All State Band

All State Band
Posted on 01/22/2019
All State AuditionsOn Saturday, January 19th, the top high school musicians auditioned for a spot in the NEW JERSEY ALL STATE BAND. This year, Junior TJ Viola, will represent West Essex as the #2 French Horn player in the entire state of New Jersey!  All State Band is the highest point attainable for all high school musicians. The spots are limited to just five French Horns in the Wind Ensemble.

These are the final results from this year:
New Jersey All State Wind Ensemble and OrchestraTJ Viola (11th) French Horn
Region Band Wind Ensemble:  Sidan Ngo (11th) mallets, Gabriel Ruszala (10th) trombone, TJ Viola (11th) French Horn.

Region Band Symphonic Band:  Warren King (12th) trombone, Catherine Marino (12th) alto saxophone.

North Jersey Area Band Wind Ensemble:  James Alamia (10th) timpani, Catherine Marino (12th) tenor saxophone, Sidan Ngo (11th) mallets, Gabriel Ruszala (10th) trombone, TJ Viola (11th) French Horn.

North Jersey Area Band Symphonic Band:  Ahren Alberto (11th) French Horn, Warren King (12th) trombone.

Each of these students has worked incredibly long and hard  preparing the required pieces, perfecting their scales, and practicing sight-reading.  The students even performed mock auditions for their peers to practice dealing with audition nerves.  Mr Fabrizio is very proud of his students.  All of their hard work definitely paid off!