"Rightfully Hers"

"Rightfully Hers"
Posted on 09/25/2019
Women's suffrage displaySocial Studies teacher, Ms. Caroline Blanchard, received a women's suffrage display, "Rightfully Hers", from the National Archives.  The display celebrates 100 years of women having the right to vote. The four sides of the display depict the suffrage movement, the fight for the 19th amendment, the "antis" (anti-suffrage movement), and how the fight continues today.

High school librarian, Rosemary Rich, has put together a "tremendous display in the library" that includes a letter from Mrs. Phoebe Burns to her son, Rep. Harry Burns, urging him to support the 19th amendment. This letter swayed Mr. Burns to cast the deciding vote in support of the amendment!

Thank you to Ms. Blanchard and Ms. Rich for obtaining and setting up this important display.
Photo of library display on how women made their voices heard to gain the right to vote.
Part of the "Rightfully Hers" display in the library.

"Rightfully Hers" display in the High School Library