Seal of Biliteracy

The Seal of Biliteracy Program
Posted on 01/24/2022
The Seal of Biliteracy program was adopted by the New Jersey Department of Education in 2016.  The program certifies fluency in two or more languages.  Certification provides advantages on college applications and job marketability in an increasingly global economy.  World Languages Supervisor, Mrs. Laura Drago; and Lead Teacher, Mrs. Caroline DaCosta implemented the program at West Essex last year.  This year 43 students took certification assessments in 10 different languages:  Chinese, Spanish, Italian, French, Ukrainian, Arabic, Korean, Polish, French, and Russian.  17 students passed their assessments and will receive the Seal of Biliteracy indication on their official transcripts.  Four students actually took assessments for two exams, making them trilingual!  By comparison, last year 29 students took assessments and 10 passed.  Congratulations to our Seal of Biliteracy certification recipients.  And special thanks to Mrs. Drago and Mrs. DaCosta for the growing success of the program.