Governor’s Educator of the Year,

Governor’s Educator and Services Professional of the Year,
Posted on 02/28/2022

The last two years have been challenging for educators (massive understatement).  The teachers’ dedication, their refusal to accept defeat, and their willingness to adapt and reinvent teaching every few months have carried us through.  Earlier this week we celebrated two of the many fantastic and passionate educators at West Essex High School.  Congratulations to our Governor’s Educator of the Year, Ms. Alicia Perez; and Governor’s Educational Services Professional of the Year, Ms. Alyssa Letsch.


In a short time here at West Essex, Ms. Letsch has earned the respect of staff, students and parents.  She is a major contributor to what has become one of the greatest iterations of the Guidance Department.


Ms. Perez has taught almost every class that the English Department offers.  She was instrumental during the upstart of the successful and prestigious peer leader program.  She is also a founding member of the Multicultural Club.  Ms. Perez is a constant advocate for all of her students and colleagues, attending every NEHS induction, showcase, musical and fundraising event