Library Policies

Following all Covid-19 safety guidelines are required while in the Library:
- Masks must be worn correctly at all times
- Social distancing - Stay 6 feet apart from others
- Use hand sanitizer before and after coming into the Library
- Before sitting down, wipe down table and chair with antiseptic wipes (gloves and wipes will be provided upon entry).

Student will be permitted access to the Library:
- For Chromebook Repair
- For Chromebook Charging
- Research assistance: By appointment only. Please email Mrs. Rich.
- In the morning, before school: 
Limited to about 30 students
Students must sit at the desks in the center of the Library.
Students WILL NOT be permitted to use the tables.
The administration reserves the right to close the library at any time.
NOTE: Students will not be allowed to come to the library during study hall unless they have an appointment with Mrs. Rich or if they have Chromebook issues. Students cannot hang out in the library.

Book Check out and Return
- Students (and staff) will not be allowed to browse the book shelves in the library.
- Students will use Destiny on the Library Home page to find books they want and place them on HOLD. (Students must sign in to Destiny using their westex email and password in order to place holds).
- Books reserved for students/staff will be placed on a cart outside the library for pick up.
- Books can be returned using the Book Drop bin place outside the library.

Student printing is not permitted at this time. Please speak to Mrs. Rich if you have any questions.

Headphones are not available for checkout at this time. 

The following Library Procedures will apply once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

At all times, students should follow the Library's Golden Rule:
Be Considerate and Respect others.

· Work quietly and do not disturb classes that are in session.

· When a class is working on the computers, please check with Mrs. Rich or the teacher on duty to see if there are any available computers.

· Cell phones are permitted in the library for texting only. Talking on cell phones is NOT permitted. Cell phones are not permitted while students are in the Library with a class.

· Students may use portable music players while in the Library on their own personal time. Students must use earphones.

· Please do not bring food or beverages into the Library.

· Return materials and pay fines promptly.

· Clean your work space before you leave.

Coming to the Library
Students are welcome to use the Library during their free time for study, research, and recreational reading. To enter the Library at any time and for any reason, you must sign in. Please print or write your name legibly, the time in, and where you are coming from, i.e. teacher's name, study hall, etc.

From an academic class
Please present a pass from your academic teacher for that period and sign in at the Circulation Desk. Your name must be on the pass.

From lunch
Please sign in on the sheet for your grade level at the Check-in Desk when you arrive in the Library.

Food and beverages are not allowed in the Library, so be sure to eat lunch in the cafeteria first.

The librarian reserves the right to restrict the number of students entering from lunch.

From study hall
To come to the Library from a study hall, you must sign in and present a pass signed by the teacher in charge of the study hall. Your name must be on the pass.

After signing in to the Library from a study hall, you must stay for the rest of the period. If you need to leave for any reason, i.e. lavatory, guidance, etc., please request a pass from the librarian or teacher on duty and sign out.

Please note that because classes are often conducted in the Library, study hall students cannot be guaranteed access to a computer. You should be prepared to work quietly with or without a computer.

The librarian reserves the right to restrict the number of students entering from study hall when several classes are booked in the Library during the same period.

Before and After school
To come to the Library before or after school, you must sign in at the Circulation Desk.