Fine & Performing Arts Clubs

Art Club

The Art Club is open to all high school students, whether they are enrolled in art or not. The Art Club provides art services to the school community, creating exhibitions, murals, posters, backdrops, and decorative help with special events.

"Chordettes" Female a cappella
Advisor: TBD

Chordettes is a choir open to all 9-12th grade girls who want to perform for our school,
community and beyond with joy and purpose.

"No Girls A-Loud" Men's a cappella
Advisor: TBD

This is an audition-only, all male a capella group that is open to any 9th-12th grade student. The group meets from January through May and performs at the Spring Choral Concert. "No Girls A-Loud" performs hit Pop a cappella tunes. 

Dance Team – Varsity

Advisors: Ms. Downey ([email protected])

An advanced tryout group that is composed of West Essex 9th-12th graders. Activities include performing for the community at local events, school pep assemblies, and Varsity football and basketball games. Dance combinations are learned by the advisor, guest choreographers, and by senior dancers within the context of original choreography, in addition to exploring the essential performance skills. West Essex Varsity Dance Team's season begins in August for private dance camp. In the winter all teams perform in an annual dance show. The season culminates with next school year’s team tryouts that take place in May. A clinic is offered in April.

Drama Club/Masquers

Masquers of West Essex is the high school theatrical production club open to students in grades 9-12, which produces two shows a year (one straight play and one musical). Students participating hone their acting, singing, and dancing skills. The Technical Theatre Crew, Scenic Design Crew, and Stage Crew, are all associated with the Masquers and provide students with back-stage and technical theater experience in addition to to on-stage performance.

Technical Theater Crew
Advisor: Mr. McGlynn ([email protected])

Technical Theater crew is the team that works specifically with sound and lighting needs for any performances/events that are held in the high school auditorium. These students work with new state-of-the-art computerized lighting and sound systems, learn how to hang and set stage lights, and basic principles of stage lighting and sound design and implementation.

Stage Crew
Advisor: Mr. Conroy ([email protected])

The Stage Crew is responsible for creating and manipulating the sets for our school drama production and school musical. Meeting after school, the crew builds and decorates the set during the two months prior to the performances. The running crew is then chosen from those who have been present and working during the building process. The running crew moves set pieces and props around the stage during the performances. After the performances, the crew is then responsible for the disassembling and storage of the set.

Jazz Ensemble

Jazz Band is an extra-curricular ensemble that meets one night a week. Our "Big Band" is our top group that follows traditional jazz ensemble instrumentation. This group plays music ranging from blues to funk. Our "Lab Band" is a group open to all students interested in learning how to play jazz and improvise. Both jazz ensembles can be seen performing throughout the school and community in an effort to keep this great musical style alive.


The West Essex Instrumental Music Department offers a number of extracurricular ensembles to help further your Instrumental Education. These ensembles include, Jazz Band, Jazz Combo, Brass Quintet, Saxophone Quartet, Percussion Ensemble, Clarinet Choir, and Flute Ensemble.

Advisor: Ms.Shroyer ([email protected])

Orchestra is an after school music program that provides students opportunity for performance in addition to the MS/SHS Orchestras. There are three ensembles: SHS String Ensemble (for students in the SHS); MS String Ensemble (for students in the MS); West Essex Chamber Orchestra. Participation in the groups is determined by audition and enrollment in the orchestral program is not a prerequisite. These groups perform a more varied repertoire ranging from the Baroque to the Contemporary

West Essex Marching Knights

The Marching Knights are the "Pride Of West Essex.” As one of the top marching bands on the East Coast, The Marching Knights continually put on shows that are creative, entertaining, and inspiring. Whether its performing at football games, competitions, or parades, The Marching Knights always draw a crowd due to their excellent musicianship and crisp visual presentation.

Photography Club
Advisor: Mr. Miller ([email protected])

The photography club is a group of budding photographers at West Essex High School. The club is open to all students with an interest in photography (you do not need to own a camera to join). Club members meet once a week to learn new skills and techniques and are given weekly “challenges” to work on their photography skills.

Winter Guard
Advisor: Mr. Cuevas ([email protected])

Winter Guard is an indoor version of Color Guard which combines dance and spinning of equipment set to music. This activity focuses on expressing individual creativity within a team setting. Winter Guard competes throughout the Northeast against other area high schools. This high-paced, high-energy activity is continually growing and always welcomes new members.