Academic Clubs

Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA)
Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) provides opportunities for students to develop skills in the areas of vocational understanding, leadership development, civic consciousness, and social intelligence. DECA is an international association of high school and college students studying marketing, management, and entrepreneurship in business, finance, hospitality and marketing sales and service. DECA provides leadership, career development and competitive event conferences, as well as scholarship opportunities. Always developing future leaders in marketing, management, and entrepreneurship. Visit the following site for additional information

Essex County Math League
Advisor: Ms. Ayers ([email protected])

The Essex County Mathematics League provides a challenging and stimulating opportunity for all high school mathematics students. The League is composed of teams of students from each level of mathematics starting with algebra up through and including calculus and statistics. The students compete against other Essex County schools to solve problems that are critical thinking in nature.

The meet is hosted by Caldwell College.

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
Advisor: Mr. Ratajczak ([email protected])

The Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda (FBLA-PBL) is a nationally recognized organization comprising of a quarter of a million high school and middle school students, college and university students, faculty, educators, administrators, and business professionals. It is open to students in the senior high school that are interested in Business as a career choice. The club will meet monthly and participate in competitions at the Regional, State, and National levels.

Multicultural Club
Advisors: Ms. Perez ([email protected]), Ms. Duby ([email protected])

The goal of the Multicultural Club is to spread cultural awareness to diversify our school through discussion, food and activities. This club is for students interested in countries across the globe and teaches members of all types of ethnic backgrounds through cultured themed foods, music, movies, crafts, language and other activities.

Quiz Bowl
Advisors: Ms. Blanchard ([email protected])/Mr. Myerson([email protected])

The History Bowl is a national competition of academic teams. Students compete in regional and state competitions from October through March and answer questions ranging from the ancient history of India to world religions, geography and modern pop culture. Students compete in teams and meet monthly, answering practice questions in a simulated quiz environment. Membership is open to students in A.P. Us History and European History.

Robotics Club
Advisor: Mr. Shea ([email protected])

The club consists of students from grade levels 9-12 who design projects and participate in a variety of local and national robotic competitions .These competitions include The Panasonic Design Challenge, First Tetrix's, Vex First Robotics, North Jersey Robotics Competition, Rocket America and Zero Robotics MIT. Students interested in engineering and architecture find this club challenging.

Spanish Club
Advisor: Ms. Trinidad ([email protected])

The Spanish Club is to promote interest in the many cultures that exist within the Spanish-speaking world while teaching students to celebrate and embrace diversity. 

WE-READS Book Club
Advisors: Ms. Rich ([email protected])

The purpose of the club is to promote a love of literature and the arts. Students meet once a month to discuss a book of their choice. The books are contemporary and consist of all genres of literature. Students discuss characters, themes, plots, motifs, and relevance to society and their personal lives. We also try to link the readings to subject matters we are discussing in classes. Typically we have a yearly trip to see a film that is based off one of the books we have read. We periodically have bake sales to raise funds for field trips and/or philanthropic endeavors.

Pre Med Club
Advisor: Ms. Barros ([email protected])

The purpose of the Pre-Med club is to promote interest in a variety of medical fields. Invited guest speakers will discuss the path leading to entrance into professional schools, the various specialties available for pursuit and the typical day in the life of a doctor. 

Computer Science Club
Advisor: Mr.  Carchietta ([email protected])

The Computer Science Club will expose a diverse range of West Essex students to
computer science and computer-related careers. It will help students understand
up-to-date computer technology, review current hardware and software products,
explore different areas of interest in technological advancement, and create a social
environment where students can share information.

Debate Club
Advisor: Ms. Moleen ([email protected])

The purpose of the Debate Club is to develop critical and analytical thinking skills and
help members organize and present their ideas in a cogent and persuasive manner.

WE Investor's Club
Advisor: Mr.  Woodworth ([email protected])

The purpose of the Investor’s Club is to educate its members about the world of investing and the variety of investment opportunities through engagement with professionals and participation in investment simulations and field trips in order to promote wise personal investment decisions.

Model UN
Advisor: Mr. Freda ([email protected])

Model UN provides a simulation of the UN that highlights the themes of collaboration,
cultural understanding, and problem solving that are at the core of the organization’s
real-life goals. We help students develop their debate skills and find their voice, but in a
one-of-a-kind conference that brings together leadership, public speaking and global
problem solving rather than a single emphasis on debate.

Advisor: Ms. Berthelot ([email protected])

As a team, it is our mission to introduce sustainable practices, engineering, and ideas into the minds of the next generation. Together, we can increase awareness and concern for our environment amongst the student body, and promote habits that work to mitigate the effects of climate change and pollution within our community